Opt Tech helps our clients to lower TCO, and increase business agility via enterprise-class, data center solutions and services.


In order to comply with today’s stringent legal and regulatory requirements, while safeguarding your infrastructure in the event of an emergency, businesses need a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan. That’s where Opt Tech comes in. We’ll start by helping you assess and understand the true impact of an outage then identify the gap between your current state and your requirements. Using the latest continual operations and disaster recovery technologies, we’ll create a strategic plan that addresses this gap while maximizing your existing resources to minimize cost. Our extensive Data Management and Recovery offerings include server consolidation and virtualization, storage consolidation and virtualization, data deduplication, archiving, virtual tape, automation.


With strategic relationships with leading storage vendors and extensive breadth of experience, we can design and implement storage solutions that give you 24/7/365 availability with simplified data management and lower costs. As a top storage integrator, Opt Tech offers a team of expert certified storage professionals. Our team of senior System Engineers and SAN Architects will assess your current and projected storage needs, infrastructure design and business objectives to develop a solution that most effectively meets your requirements. Technologies we offer include SAN (fiber channel, FCoE, and iSCSI), NAS (NFS and CIFS) storage, archival storage solutions, storage consolidation solutions, storage resource management, cloud storage solutions and data migration services.


Security is paramount to the foundation of a healthy IT infrastructure. Our IT security experts will help you discover, assess and manage your IT risks with products and practices—from creating a security strategy architecture (vulnerability analysis, regulatory compliance and drafting policies) to implementation (incident/intrusion response, prevention and response).


Today’s most valuable company resource is its employees. Recruiting for technology requires more than just identifying professionals with the right skill level for the job. It’s also about finding the best cultural fit that supports success within an organization. We’ll work closely with you to assess your current strategic and tactical needs to find the right IT expertise for the job. With our consulting services, we’ll help you develop an effective and comprehensive team that meets your IT environmental requirements and needs, so that you can maintain availability and continual delivery of business-critical services and business continuity.


Opt Tech’s integration center supports customers with state-of-the-art solutions enablement. We deliver complex custom integration services and solutions through staging, custom integration, custom testing, custom labeling and packaging, followed by white glove logistics for delivery and setup. While we construct the solution, we’ll work closely with you to ensure consistency with the engineering blueprint. Additionally, you’ll have the option to remotely connect to our integration center and test the solution before we power down and ship. When the solution arrives on site, it is already integrated and can be powered up seamlessly with minimal downtime.


Virtualization allows for more efficient use of IT equipment and labor resources while lowering overall IT costs. However, it does require careful planning that addresses security concerns, performance uncertainty and scalability. It’s not a one-size-fits all option. Our technical experts can help you identify your scope and overall business objectives, and then design a virtualization solution that will make the most of your resources.


Business continuity
and disaster recovery
are critical


Certified storage


Helping you discover, assess and manage your
IT risks


Consulting services designed to meet your IT needs


Enabling seamless solutions implementations


Efficiency that translates
to lower TCO

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