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Data is constantly shifting and growing, which opens your organization up to risk. As a CommVault partner, Opt Tech can put your mind at ease with an array of data center backup and recovery solutions, regardless of where you are in your data journey.

Your critical data lives both in traditional locations and across multiple cloud platforms, which makes it hard to manage, integrate and secure data—particularly if you’re using multiple products and manual steps. Through our partnership with CommVault, Opt Tech offers streamlined data management across on-premise, public and private cloud, and virtualized infrastructures, while automating the complex IT change control processes.

CommVault and HPE

Choosing the right backup and recovery and cloud protection solution can seem overwhelming. You want a solution that meets your business continuity, resilience and SLA requirements and protects your data, regardless of where it lives. All while offering scalability and simplicity to support your digital transformation strategy and strategic IT goals. In other words, you need end-to-end data protection that safeguards your data and improves business resiliency.

Opt Tech meets these needs by offering one integrated approach to backup, recovery and data management from two industry leaders—CommVault and HPE. The combined solutions support enhanced business outcomes through cloud-ready hybrid IT, simplified intelligent data protection and backup-as-a-service.

Together with CommVault and HPE, Opt Tech offers a one-stop-shop for the finest backup and recovery solutions available, that reduce risk and improve recovery readiness.

Solutions offer:

  • Improved multi-cloud adoption for maximum flexibly
  • Faster recovery with improved SLAs
  • Predictable and scalable performance with a scale-out architecture
  • Validated data protection solution for hybrid cloud environments

CommVault and NetApp

As organizations struggle to keep up with the diverse workloads that make up their IT landscape, protecting their digital assets with storage and software tools that work in unison becomes even more of a challenge. Together, CommVault and NetApp help address these challenges.

With Commvault, NetApp customers can simplify end-to-end backup and recovery operations, in particular snapshot management, and easily migrate and manage critical data and workloads across their on-premises, cloud, and virtualized infrastructure. Commvault’s offerings complement NetApp’s portfolio of both primary and secondary datasets, so end-users can fully leverage the cloud with orchestration and management of datasets.

With data protection solutions from CommVault and NetApp, Opt Tech can help you:

  • Efficiently reduce the amount of data that needs to be managed to support business-critical operations
  • Address stringent RTO/RPO SLAs with comprehensive storage integration
  • Get predictable performance on a highly flexible, efficient architecture that is simple to deploy and manage with scale-out architecture
  • Support flexible archiving using a grid architecture

Reach out to discuss your data protection and recovery needs today. We’re excited to hear from you!


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