Cyberattacks are growing at a triple-digit rate, thanks in large part to a business community that continues to operate in a largely remote environment. By 2025, the cost of cybercrime damages is expected to reach $10.5 trillion annually.1

As the attack surface continues to expand and cybercriminals get infinitely more savvy, traditional cybersecurity protocols simply don’t cut it anymore. Businesses need a more targeted way to combat cyber threat actors before they launch potentially crippling attacks—which can include everything from ransomware and malware attacks, social engineering breaches, DDoS attacks, and phishing scams to network worms, advanced persistent attacks, remote access attacks, data loss attacks, and more. These brilliant cyber-hackers have the power to destroy an organization’s operations, compromise important IT assets and infrastructure, and inflict severe financial devastation.

At Opt Tech, we’ll partner with you to strengthen your networks, prevent unauthorized intrusions, and protect your data. Our cybersecurity pros will help you:

  • Implement a robust identity and access management program: Protect your corporate resources by controlling who has access to which information across your organization.
  • Identify and minimize application security vulnerabilities: We’ll help you prevent threats and breaches across the entire application development and design lifecycle. 
  • Secure your data center and cloud environments: Our team will partner with you to safeguard your IT infrastructure from unauthorized access, advanced security threats, and damaging attacks, whether you’re operating on-premises, in the public cloud, or both.
  • Protect your endpoints: We’ll help you detect, block, and remediate attacks on your organization’s most vulnerable attack vector.

We also offer advisory services to help you assess your current environment, identify critical gaps, and create a roadmap for a powerful security program. With advanced expertise in disaster recovery, business continuity, cyber resilience, incidence response, cybersecurity awareness training, cybersecurity tabletop exercises, and threat and vulnerability, we will partner with you to meet any security need to help you protect your organization.


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