Simplify Data Management at Scale with Qumulo and HPE

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HPE and Qumulo partner to deliver solutions that allow you to gain insight from your data.

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HPE Solutions with Qumulo Frequently Asked Questions
HPE Solutions with Qumulo Quick Specs
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HPE GreenLake Flex Solution built for Qumulo

HPE Solutions with Qumulo

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, traditional file storage systems are increasingly unable to handle the explosion of data. Originally designed for more predictable data volumes, these systems now struggle with vast, unstructured data sets that compromise operations and accessibility. HPE Solutions with Qumulo addresses these challenges by providing a dynamic, scalable solution that integrates seamlessly across your data ecosystem—whether on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge.

Manage Massive Data Stores with Qumulo and HPE from Opt Tech:

With Qumulo and HPE, you gain access to a leading-edge solution that not only meets the modern demands for extensive data processing and storage, but also ensures that your infrastructure is future-proof, secure, and financially aligned. 

With Qumulo and HPE, you get:

  • Scalable performance: Adjust storage capacity from terabytes to exabytes as your needs evolve to ensure smooth scalability without operational complexity.
  • Unified data management: Manage billions to trillions of files across all environments with a single management platform, enhancing visibility and control over your data operations.
  • Enhanced data efficiency: Leverage intelligent caching to optimize data retrieval. This system ensures that 90% of read requests and 100% of write requests rapidly interact with the flash layer, enhancing performance and reliability.
  • Cost-effective flexibility: Deployed via the HPE GreenLake platform, this solution offers a pay-as-you-go model that aligns costs with usage, minimizing capital outlay and adapting expense to actual data needs.
  • Robust data security: Protect your critical data with industry-leading security features, including FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption and advanced erasure coding, to support data integrity and compliance.

Face explosive data growth with ease

Designed to evolve seamlessly with your organizational needs, this adaptive solution not only amplifies your data handling capabilities, but also propels you towards unprecedented operational agility and strategic success. At Opt Tech, we can help you meet the complex demands of large-scale data growth with Qumulo and HPE.

Interested in learning more about Qumulo and HPE?

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