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10 Good Reasons – NetApp Cloud Volumes

Consumable Services and Subscriptions in the Public Cloud

As organizations work towards a cloud environment that maximizes performance and efficiency, they’re moving away from the homogeneous cloud model where the entire stack is provided by one vendor in favor of a heterogeneous cloud that integrates different machine types and architectures. But managing heterogeneous resources can be complex, requiring significant effort.

If this sounds like you, Opt Tech can help. With NetApp Cloud Data Services, we can help you run, monitor, maintain and manage services for your heterogeneous cloud, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle. With a unified data experience—on premises and across the world’s biggest clouds—you can consume, manage and pay for data services on your terms.

With NetApp Cloud Data Services from Opt Tech, you can: 

  • Accelerate the time it takes to deploy or develop an application
  • Enjoy a unified portal experience with a single sign-on to one location to access and manage your data service
  • Get fully secure enterprise data with highly available applications
  • Maintain compliance with data location and protection needs
  • Save and reduce capacity with NetApp storage efficiencies for lower costs

Deliver meaningful business outcomes quickly and cost-efficiently, eliminating lengthy IT processes and complexities with NetApp Cloud Data Services from Opt Tech.

Please reach out to discuss your heterogeneous cloud needs. We’re excited to hear from you!


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