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See how Red Hat® OpenShift® AI accelerates the entire lifecycle of AI/ML models and applications with integrated tools, repeatable workflows, flexible deployment options, and a trusted partner ecosystem.

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus
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Simplify AI Adoption in Your Business with Red Hat OpenShift AI

At a time when you are expected to make data-driven decisions and operate with unprecedented efficiency, integrating AI into your business processes is not a nice-to-have; it’s a strategic imperative. However, deploying AI without disrupting existing operations requires a thoughtful approach that considers the unique dynamics of your current IT ecosystem, a deep understanding of your business workflows, and a clear strategy for the future. What’s more, ensuring access to adequate computational resources, maintaining consistency in model deployment across diverse platforms, and keeping pace with the latest AI advancements while avoiding vendor lock-in can pose additional challenges.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus

Forrester interviewed four representatives at organizations using Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus and concluded that it has the following three-year financial impact.

A Trusted Foundation for AI Adoption

With Red Hat OpenShift AI, OPT Tech removes this burden by providing a robust platform that streamlines the entire AI/ML lifecycle, from data management to model deployment, across any infrastructure. Built using open-source technologies, OpenShift AI empowers you with a suite of tools and capabilities to offer: 

  • An adaptable and scalable framework that makes it easy to experiment, serve models, and develop innovative applications consistently and efficiently
  • End-to-end lifecycle support, from data acquisition and preparation to model training, fine-tuning, serving, and monitoring
  • The flexibility to develop, train, and deploy models in a common environment—whether on-site, in the cloud, or at the edge
  • Seamless integration of multiple devices, from edge to cloud to the data center, across your IT ecosystem

Accelerate AI and ML Deployments for Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Business Innovation

Red Hat OpenShift AI provides trusted, operationally consistent capabilities using tested and supported AI/ML tooling. Offering the flexibility you need for your specific use cases, OpenShift AI allows you to: 

  • Spend less time managing AI infrastructure and more time exploring data and building apps that add real value to your organization
  • Boost collaboration between data scientists, engineers, and app developers 
  • Speed intelligent application delivery and reduce time to market

Unlock the power of AI innovation with OPT Tech and Red Hat OpenShift AI to propel your business into the future of data-driven decision-making. 

Interested in learning more about AI adoption?

To learn more about how OPT Tech can help you accelerate AI adoption using Red Hat OpenShift AI, contact us here. 

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